Week of 8.19.12

Hi there!!

I am trying a different means of communication to find which is most efficient and effective. I am hoping to stick with this one…I have a calendar posted with match and practice times for next week.  I will complete the calendar asap.  If something changes, I will make a separate post detailing the change.


  • We completed the majority of our challenge matches.  The singles players are Christian at 1st singles and Zach E and Alex vying for 2nd or 3rd singles (challenge match not completed yet).  The other players have started to play together to get an idea of the good doubles combinations.  We have had a lot of great matches so far!!  Very close.  There will be opportunities to challenge as the season goes on…we have to have a set lineup by the sixth match, but before then challenges can be made (we will do this once a week).
  • I am really looking forward to this season.  I can tell already that we have a great group…one that is willing to work and is highly coachable.
  • Keywords this season….PATIENCE, SPORTSMANSHIP, AND CAMARADERIE. Winning will come…you won’t hear me talk about winning and losing much at all. If we take care of the work, the rest will come.
  • Please congratulate our new captain Zach Elsden. Congratulations!! I rely on the captain a lot…so I am glad to have him!!
  • Mrs. Rees has graciously offered to organize our food/drinks for the matches. She will likely be asking you to contribute food and/or drinks for matches. In years past, we have one or two families bring refreshments for each match and then rotate.

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