Schedule for next week:

  • No practice Monday (Labor Day)
  • Tues:  Match @ Thornton  Excused from class at 2:15 (need to watch clock yourself).  Bus leaves promptly at 2:30.
  • Wednesday:  Practice 3:30-5:00
  • Thursday:  Match away at Weld Central.  Get out of school at 1:45.  Leave at 2 pm.
  • Friday/Saturday:  Tournament at Greeley Central.  Leave school at 6:45 both days.  Waiting for more information about the tournament and will pass along as soon as I get it.

A couple of other things.  Parents….if you NEED to take your child home with you from an away match, please write a note before the match and bring to the office to have approved by Mr. Roemer or Mr. Payne.  I am responsible for the boys at matches, so it must be approved beforehand.

If you are not going to be at practice and there is no possible way you can make it, YOU must contact me before practice (prefer text)…not your parents 🙂  If you do not show up for practice and you do not contact me, you will not play in the next match.   If you have questions about that, please let me know.

One of our keywords this season is patience….it will come.  We just need to work hard together, keep a great attitude and we will prevail 🙂

You guys are awesome….

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