Week of 9.30.12

Great job today.  I think all of you played really well.  Your hard work is paying off.  So, remember tomorrow I am in Denver all day….

Next week, Regionals!! Yeah 🙂

Monday and Tuesday regular practice (3-5).  If you haven’t given me your pledge money please do so by Monday.  Thank you.

Wednesday:  Regionals at Broomfield (HS, and Swim and Tennis Club).  I will find out exact time we are leaving on Wednesday morning at my meeting Monday night (I have a coaches meeting Monday night).

Thursday:  Keep going at Regionals


Our banquet is tentatively scheduled at the Lesser house on October 20th at noon.  I need some time to get the trophies, put the slideshow together, etc.  I will order pizza and everyone else can bring one side dish.  More to come on that later…

The off season practices will be fun…I promise 🙂  The purpose is to keep you guys playing and to tweak some strokes a bit.

Thank you to all the parents too…it is great seeing everyone out there.



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