Week of March 18th

Some minor changes since I forgot to bring the spreadsheet of information Coach Mitchell gave us…(don’t tell Coach :))  The text in blue is the update.

Monday match at Northridge.  Get out of school at 2:00. Bus leaves at 2:20.  Brittany and Blake…let me know your availability asap please.  I will post lineup once I find that out. RESCHEDULED!

  • lineup — Lexi/Jenna M, Hurston/Anne, Sam/Robyn, Katie/Aleks, Kaitlyn/Jenna, Kaylee/Michaela, Casey/Shannon…Maribel and Emily not at practice on Friday so not playing Monday

Tuesday match at Centaurus.  Bus leaves at 2:30 so we will be out of school at 2:10.

  • drinks — Jenna M/Lexi…I will bring some water as well since I forgot to see them after practice
  • snacks –Brittany/Hurston, Robyn/Sam
  • lineup — Lexi/Jenna, Hurston/Brittany, Anne/Sam, Blake/Robyn, Katie/Aleks, Jenna/Kaitlyn, Michaela/Kylee, Shannon/Maribel/Casey

Wednesday match at home vs Fort Morgan.

  • drinks — Anne/Aleks
  • snacks — Katie/Blake, Kaitlyn/Jenna
  • lineup — same lineup as Tuesday

Thursday — practice

Friday –Challenge matches

Practice 1 folks — you are playing all matches and practices

Practice 2 folks — see above…didn’t have spreadsheet before.  No practice on Wednesday…practice on Thursday and Friday  Come to match on Wednesday if you can.


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