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Round robin tourneys throughout the summer…

Per our previous meeting…here is the copy of the round robin tourney information sheet.  Please come out and play!  You will get to play against other SVVSD players which will be great! SummerTennisRoundRobinSeries Advertisements

Week of April 7th (week back from break)

Monday — Makeup Sterling match.  We will leave school at 12:00.  Get out of class at 11:45. Tuesday/Wed/Thursday — regular practice Friday — Makeup match vs Dawson home…will bring everyone (all JV) Saturday — JV Tourney at Silver Creek.  We need to be at SC by 7:30.  We will leave at 7 am.  Top five

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JV Tourney on April 13th

JV girls!  We will be attending the Silver Creek JV tourney on Saturday, April 13th.  We need to be there by 7:30 (I know it is early, but it will be mucho fun)…we will leave Erie at 7 am.  The top five JV teams will compete.  We will have a challenge match day tomorrow (Thursday)

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Week of March 25th

Monday — practice (listen for announcement to see if indoors)…if outdoors, we will do challenge matches Tuesday — match at Sterling (leave school at 12:30…get out at 12:20).  We are NOT stopping for food on the way home, so make sure you bring plenty of food. drinks — Anne/Aleks snacks — Katie/Blake, Kaitlyn/Jenna Wednesday/Thursday —

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March 18th — JV Group 2

Coach LaDona is going to hold a practice for the JV Group 2 on Tuesday, March 19th.  It will be from 2:45-4:00.  Please show up!!  Let me know if you have any questions.

Week of March 18th

Some minor changes since I forgot to bring the spreadsheet of information Coach Mitchell gave us…(don’t tell Coach :))  The text in blue is the update. Monday match at Northridge.  Get out of school at 2:00. Bus leaves at 2:20.  Brittany and Blake…let me know your availability asap please.  I will post lineup once I

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March 12, 2013

Match/practice cancelled for today…will let you know when it is rescheduled. Tomorrow….REMEMBER: Wear EHS something during the day All first practice people will play tomorrow. I know Katie B cannot be there, but if there are any others LET ME KNOW so I can play teams accordingly.  I will go with the original lineup (with

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Week of March 11th

Make sure you bring plenty of water, snacks for matches. Monday: Practice.  Group 1 2:45-4:00; Group 2 3:45-5:00 Tuesday: Match home vs Dawson Wednesday: Match away vs Windsor.  Get out of school at 1:45. Thursday: Match home vs Skyline Friday: Practice.  Group 1 2:45-4:00; Group 2 3:45-5:00

March 4th

No PRACTICE due to SNOW!!!  Be ready to practice tomorrow 🙂 Match on Thursday vs Fort Morgan is rescheduled!  

February 28th

Practice for those not doing challenge matches is tomorrow (Friday) from 2:45-4:45 (Team Black).